In our offer we also have boxes.
This kind of packaging, together with tubes, is suitable for permanent and aesthetically pleasing presentation of products, while providing excellent protection against damage and dirt.

Boxes are designed for packaging of products from many industries - from the textile to metal. They are perfect for packing candles, figurines, (e.g. chocolate) wedding/communion wreaths, cosmetics, all kinds of ornaments, commercial gadgets or to create promotional sets.

The big advantage of boxes is that they take up far less space than cylinders/tubes. Thanks to their construction they are delivered flat, which significantly reduces transport costs and saves space in warehouses.
There is the possibility of screen or UV-offset printing on the boxes.

We offer production of boxes in different shapes and sizes. These products can be completely folded or have sealed or glued edges. We also offer boxes of the up / down type and with an automatic bottom. The client also determines the type of closing (with flaps or the so-called "H") and the finish (e.g. with rings or handles).
We would be glad to help you in choosing an individual solution for your product. We will offer a design and choose the size of the box so that the package meets your expectations.


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