Tube type packaging is universal, has a multitude of uses, is used for aesthetic pleasing, permanent product presentation and provides excellent protection against damage and dirt.

The tubes are manufactured on clients’ individual request. To meet customer demand, we offer packaging of any diameter and height and in various shapes (cylindrical, conical, oval, the so-called ellipse or with a half-square base).
We offer tube ends with wrapped edges or clipped sharply. The bottom may be glued or sealed. Tubes with sealed bottoms are manufactured without the use of glue, which is a big advantage in the food industry.
These products, made of colorless foil, provide maximum visibility of the goods inside. There is also the possibility of making tubes with colored foil or with foil with printing, adding to the attractiveness of the design.

We offer all kinds of bottoms and lids (top - lids):

  • Smooth
  • With a crease that positions the product and prevents its movement. This solution is ideal for packaging sensitive goods e.g. Christmas balls, figurines.
  • With so-called “stacks”. With this solution, tubes stacked on top of each other (e.g. on a shelf or in a carton) do not move.
  • With an exploding lid, popularly known as the "hedgehog"; used to expose lollipops. This product is offered in any color.

Tubes are ideal for wrapping lollipops, candies, drops, salty snacks such bread sticks, alcohol, Christmas ornaments and other items.

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